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Featured Plumeria Societies and Registered Plumerias
The Plumeria Society of America
The Plumeria Society of South Texas
Amy #335 (name reserved)
Angus Gold #101
Aztec Gold #203
Barbados Apricot Brandy #255
Barbados Showgirl #256
Bill Moragne #156 (pending registration)
Candy Stripe #158
Celadine #191
Celebration #237
Cerise #136
Cherry Parfait #220
Cobra #212
Courtade Lemon #099
Diana's Rainbow #370 (pending registration)
Donald Angus #153
Donna S. #349 (pending registration)
Duvauchelle Special #200
Dwarf Pink Singapore #126
Elizabeth #094
Gold Cup #352 (pending registration)
Gulf Stream #213
Hawaiian Fire #379 (pending registration)
Heart of Gold #324
Jean Adams #303
Julie Moragne #179
Kaneohe Sunburst #139
Kauka Wilder #142
King Kalakaua #102
Lake's Pink #262
Lillian K. T. Chinn #339
Makaha Sunn #300
Matilde #311 (name reserved)
Mela Matson #120
Moir #131
My Joey #381 (name reserved)
Nebel's Gold #112
Palermo Fahrenheit #321
Peachglow Shell #125
Pink Parfait #246
Pompano Pink #357 (pending registration)
Porcelain Pink #188
Princess Ann Roselli #283
Princess Anne Froeba #329
Princess Elisa Gerarda #290
Princess Katie Crais #294
Princess Marcella Maria #295
Princess Margaret Orr #331
Princess of Metarie Pink #298
Raspberry Sundae #269
Rose Red Too #230
Saint Theresa #209
Samoan Fluff #105
San Diego Sunset #371 (pending registration)
Slaughter Pink #182
Solar Flare #325
Summer Spice #258
Tequila Sunrise #374(name reserved)
Texas Aggie #197
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The Plumeria Society of America and Naples Botanical Garden have joined forces to help preserve registered Plumeria!

Aside from its superior growing climate, an additional benefit of Naples Botanical Garden is the security so your plants will be protected. The Plumeria Society of America looks forward to a long relationship with one of the most exciting new Botanical Gardens in the country. Click Here to visit Naples Botanical Garden's website 

Click Here for a list of Plumeria Needed for Naples Garden

Donate a REGISTERED Plumeria to the PSA Registered Plumeria Collection at Naples Botanical Garden and receive credit on the signage. For those of you who registered your pride and joy, we hope that you can see fit to donate one of your plants for display in the gardens. The Society will provide a plaque for each plant. Registers, will be given the first chance at donating a plant. If you have a Registered plant that you would like to pledge. click here to download pledge form)

Anyone may commit to donating a registered cultivar not on the donated list. If you registered the plant your name will appear under the Plant Name. As registers, you will be given the first chance at donating a plant. If you have a Registered plant that you would like to donate, your name will be included on the place card as the donor.

You may also donate a plant by mailing directly to Naples Botanical Gardens, addressed to the attention of Hetty Ford, and the address is 4820 Bayshore Drive, Naples, FL 34112. All donated plants must have a completed form (click here to download pledge form). Signage will be prepared from the form after the plant has bloomed and verified by the PSA, a picture of the bloom from the plant you are donating would help.

The first Pledge form received for each plant will be accepted based on post date or receipt by PSA board member. Thanks in advance for all Donations!!! For a list of plants needed click here.

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